Professional in the Classical Music field (Master in Performance, June 2011. Excellent) and focusing her career in it, Laura is also an experienced Electric Violin Player. Dance music, Pop, Rock, Latin… Both on live-stage performances or studio recordings (last album she recorded was “The Journey” of Mihai Puscoiu, recording all violins and viola lines).

Her contact with non-classical music started when she was 11 years old, playing with her father’s Rock-Blues Band . Maybe that’s the reason why she has been always interested in other styles next to the Classical.

“I believe it makes me who I am. Not only technically/musically speaking, but also as a musician: so many different experiences on stage, you learn how to connect with the audience in a different way, how to improvise (both musically or on a situation)… And it gives a bigger overview of what can be done with a violin and how to reach an audience with it”.

Her main activities nowadays are  with:

Laura Rafecas & Roderigo Robles: classical violin and piano Duo.

Cuarteto Lorca: together with three other spanish musicians.

Beats ‘N Strings: a full evening concept in which musicians (violin, saxophone, percussion and singer) play together with a top Dj and MC.

La Charanga Central: old cuban music style.